About CAMS

CAMS is a network of neutrals (mediators and arbitrators) with extensive ADR training and experience who possess many years of experience in numerous fields of law, including business law issues, employment discrimination claims, Fair Labor Standards Act wage and hour cases brought as individual, collective and class action cases, shareholder and partnership disputes, family law, trusts and estates disputes and guardianship cases, bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, aviation law, environmental claims and others.  All of CAMS’ mediators and arbitrators are attorneys with more than 30 years of practice.

CAMS was designed to address a growing need for alternative solutions to a failure of the traditional legal system in serving the needs of parties to legal disputes.  Increasingly prohibitive legal costs, coupled with persistent delays in overburdened, underfinanced and understaffed court systems have breathed new life into the legal maxim, justice delayed is justice denied.  In recent years, there has been a growing recognition among legal practitioners that ADR service providers such as CAMS provide a practical solution to the difficulty of finding speedy, cost-efficient legal means of resolving disputes that might otherwise languish in courthouses for years.