Why Choose CAMS?

The CAMS Difference

CAMS is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) provider organized by highly experienced lawyers who are committed to the notion that mediation and arbitration services must return to their original intent – providing dispute resolution services at significantly lower cost compared to the usual and customary judicial process, with results delivered much faster, with greater efficiency, and more cost-effectively, than a court-based case. Given the efficiency of its business model, CAMS is able to offer neutral services that are both professionally and financially competitive with larger ADR providers. CAMS also differs from other ADR providers in several significant respects.

Self-administered cases

All CAMS arbitration and mediation cases are self-administered by CAMS’ neutrals. This means that most administrative aspects of a CAMS mediation or arbitration proceeding are managed directly between the mediator, or the arbitrator or arbitration panel involved in the case and the parties or their representatives.  This model is designed to eliminate the need to “filter” communications through a third party, and streamlines both the process and reduces costs.

Nominal filing fees
Compared to other ADR providers who charge substantial filing fees, CAMS has a single filing fee of $200 to commence a case for which CAMS will provide neutral selection and other limited administration services. Most administrative aspects of the case other than conflict and disclosure issues, such as arranging for conferences and scheduling hearings, are handled directly by the mediator or arbitrator(s) or appointed to the case.

Choice of applicable rules and procedures
Parties may adopt CAMS’ user-friendly mediation or arbitration rules to conduct their case.  Alternatively, the rules and procedures under which a CAMS sponsored mediation or arbitration is administered may be selected by the parties from a list of published rules of other major ADR providers. In the absence of an agreement as to which rules will apply, the applicable CAMS rules and procedures will be deemed to be the default rules adopted by the parties.

The CAMS Roster of Neutrals

CAMS’ rosters of neutrals are highly qualified and experienced arbitrators and mediators. Selection for membership on the CAMS roster is based upon stringent criteria, the most significant of which is peer review based. To be accepted for participation on CAMS roster of neutrals, each applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • For arbitrators, a minimum of 20 years’ experience as a senior level litigator and/or equivalent professional experience as an arbitrator with a nationally recognized ADR service.
  • For mediators, a minimum of 20 years’ professional experience and at least five years’ of practice in mediation practice.
  • For attorney neutrals who have been rated, a peer review rating by Martindale-Hubbell of AV (preeminent – 5.0 out of 5).
  • An established reputation among colleagues and previous ADR users for fairness, integrity, objectivity and courteousness extended to all participants in the ADR process.
  • An established commitment to alternative dispute resolution as the preferred means of resolving complex disputes by speedy, cost-effective means.